Dani Chambers is an actress based in Dallas, TX. She has been acting on stage ever since she was 6 years old and began performing voice-over work in 2013.


Because of Dani's involvement in theater and short films, performing has helped her acting skills grow tremendously. With her BA in Digital Media Arts, Dani has worn many different hats and learned to adapt wherever she is needed. She is a hard worker and does the very best she can every time. 


Dani has been lending her voice to kids animation projects, original animations on YouTube, and even apps for iOS and Android. You can hear her as Molly in "Epithet Erased". Chise in "The Ancient Magus Bride", Adri in "Cris Tales", Rhyme in "The World Ends with You: The Animation" and many more titles! 


Dani would love to help bring all of your projects to life, and she will deliver quality work every time.